The ADAM Project-Team Members

Permanent Members

Administrative Assistant

  • Karine Lewandowski (Inria)

External Collaborators

  • Jean-Marc Geib (U. Lille 1 - Professor)
  • Christophe Gransart (IFSTTAR - Research Scientist)
  • Daniel Le Berre (U. Artois - Professor & Délégation CNRS)


PhD Students

Research Engineers

  • Loïc Huertas (Inria - IJD ADT eSurgeon)
  • Christophe Ribeiro (Inria - IJD ADT AntDroid)


  • Mohamed Lamine Berkane - U. Constantine, Algeria

Former Members


  • 2013/12/09: Ceremony for the PRES ULNF International Research Thesis Award 2013 granted to Gabriel Tamura for his PhD Thesis - U. Lille 1, Building P3, Maxwell Amphitheater
  • 2013/12/05: Rémi Druilhe PhD defense
  • 2013/11/27: Maria Gomez Lacruz received the Best Poster Award at the Welcome PhD session organized by PRES UNLF
  • 2013/11/04: Filip Krikava joins ADAM
  • 2013/10/29: The ApiSwarm project is selected in the context of the Windows Azure Research Award Program
  • 2013/10/15: Maria Gomez Lacruz joins ADAM
  • 2013/10/01: Maxime Colmant, Vincenzo Musco, Loïc Huertas and Bo Zhang join ADAM
  • 2013/09/01: Daniel Le Berre and Jifeng Xuan join ADAM
  • 2013/07/05: Russel Nzekwa PhD defense