Permanent Positions

The ADAM project-team (Inria and University of Lille) is seeking candidates interested in applying for permanent research positions either at Inria, at CNRS, or at the University of Lille, France.

  • junior researcher
  • senior researcher
  • assistant professor
  • full professor

The application deadline is 2013Q1.

Candidates must hold a PhD in computer science and demonstrate a strong background and excellent research achievements in at least one of the following topics that are of particular interest for the ADAM project-team:

  • Middleware and Internet of Services
  • Software Engineering

Within these research areas, the main focus of the ADAM research team is on adaptive and self-adaptive software systems.

The ADAM project-team is a research group affiliated with Inria (French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control) and with the University of Lille (Lille1) via the LIFL laboratory (joint unit between U. of Lille and CNRS).

Lille and the Nord-Pas De Calais region is a particularly dynamic area, that boasts an attractive strategic position in Northern Europe, thanks to its remarkable infrastructure network (1h from Paris, 55min from Charles de Gaulle airport, 1h30 from London and 35min from Brussels by TGV). Lille is the capital of Northern France with a metropolitan area of 1 million inhabitants.

For any further information about these positions and the application processes, please contact:


Potential candidates shouldn't hesitate to contact us well in advance, even before their application is ready. Upon common agreement about the interest of the application, we will provide advice and guidance for the application forms and the subsequent hearings.


  • 2013/12/09: Ceremony for the PRES ULNF International Research Thesis Award 2013 granted to Gabriel Tamura for his PhD Thesis - U. Lille 1, Building P3, Maxwell Amphitheater
  • 2013/12/05: Rémi Druilhe PhD defense
  • 2013/11/27: Maria Gomez Lacruz received the Best Poster Award at the Welcome PhD session organized by PRES UNLF
  • 2013/11/04: Filip Krikava joins ADAM
  • 2013/10/29: The ApiSwarm project is selected in the context of the Windows Azure Research Award Program
  • 2013/10/15: Maria Gomez Lacruz joins ADAM
  • 2013/10/01: Maxime Colmant, Vincenzo Musco, Loïc Huertas and Bo Zhang join ADAM
  • 2013/09/01: Daniel Le Berre and Jifeng Xuan join ADAM
  • 2013/07/05: Russel Nzekwa PhD defense